Welcome to Tactile Vision Inc.

Tactile Vision Inc. is dedicated to providing organizations and individuals with inexpensive high quality printing of Tactile Graphics and braille by a printing technique called Thermography.

In order to produce images and braille in the required height for tactile reading, Tactile Vision Inc. developed a completely new formulation of the material used in the printing process and modified conventional Thermographic Printing equipment.

Tactile Vision Inc. has licensed the printing technology to organizations and will continue to assist other groups who may be interested in providing Tactile Graphics and braille in this technique.

    The offer of licensing includes:

  • Supply of high quality printing material

  • Advice on Equipment and supplies

  • Training in printing

  • Use of a wide range of original designs

Additional information can be obtained by sending a message to cecelia@tactilevisioninc.com or by calling 416-735-0181.

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